Want to know more about me?

I am a former Division 1 Track & Field thrower curious to find out if I have it in me.  Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics & Law from Binghamton University in 2010, my gut told me I wasn’t finished as an athlete, which is why I’ve decided to rearrange much of my life to become an elite athlete in the obscure sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  I hope I can shed some light on two of the most beautiful movements a human can perform: the snatch and the clean & jerk. More importantly, I’m determined to see if I have the talent and tenacity to reach my athletic potential and conquer my greatest fears, doubts and uncertainties.

So, what is it? This blog operates as my canvas to figure out how we can achieve peak performance in athletics and in life. Whether we are athletes or artists, there’s a constant need to find the tools to better our craft, to see if we can hit the apex of our abilities.

I will do my best to cull interesting insights from all corners of the world wide web regarding performance in sport, nutrition and psychology, with the hope that it will interest you as much as it interests me and help me as much as you.


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