Round up of Interesting Bits


Here are a few points of interests I perused around the world wide web. Find out how you can live the life of a cave man (man cave not required).

Ancestral Athlete  Not quite sure if you’re listening to your primal instincts? Read on to see how you can keep yourself in check without ignoring signs of boredom, fatigue, stress, or overtraining. Learn how to walk the fine line of comfort and discomfort and find the sweet spot between over and under doing it. (Think goldilocks strategy). Most importantly, try to be present……in the present.

10 of the worst drinks and foods for anyone with a pulse (athletes especially)

Here’s a slideshow of 10 drinks (including food items) which will wreak havoc on your adrenals, insulin and overall energy levels. Forget the mocha-frappa-whatever-latte and opt for water (yes, just water, not vitamin water or gatorade), sparkling water or tea (with just the tea bag) to fuel athletic or professional performance. If the food or drink in question comes with a label detailing ingredients, take a pass on it.  If you’re still not sure, ask yourself if it grows out of the ground or off of a tree or comes from a live animal.

If you’re still not convinced how what you put in affects and reflects what you put out, look no further than this article. In order to achieve the greek ideal (strong mind and body) there’s no escaping that the fuel you load up on will influence how you perform. Simply put, you can’t out run, exercise, or lift your way out of a bad diet. More importantly, what you ingest impacts cognitive function. Optimal fuel is key to optimal mental and physical performance.


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