Weekly Roundup of Interesting Bits

Here a few articles that struck a chord with me throughout my internet travels.

Has anyone ever asked why you compete? Is it self torture? This is a great read regarding the importance of competition. Dresdin Archibald, a seasoned Olympic lifter, sheds light on the immense value of competition and how to extract the most of one’s abilities on the strength and conditioning site, BreakingMuscle.com. Every athlete, in a sense, is competing against their doppelganger, that is, the lifter in the gym versus the lifter in competition. We compete to see if we can outdo that ‘other lifter’ on any particular day.

Archibald sums up by stating, “You only have one opponent, ever – and that is you and the fears you want to defeat.¬†But you cannot really defeat this opponent lifting in your gym. You can only do it on the competition platform. You win on this day by setting a new personal record.”

This will be the last item I post about Novak Djokovic. This Wall Street Journal article gives readers some food for thought (gluten free food, that is) and reveals some of Djokovic’s quirky and curious habits. A good preview into his forthcoming book to be released next week.

Looking for a sweet thirst quenching snack that won’t leave you guilty afterward? Grab a handful of blueberries. These flavonoids are known for not only lowering LDL levels (bad cholesterol) but combat cognitive problems such as alzheimer’s and dementia.


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